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Forklift Services in Laredo Tx.
Why choose us?
Competitive rate
We can come to your location for service!
Over 15 years of experience

Are your in need of a forklift repair
or preventive maintenance program?

Here at Pena's Forklift Service Company,  we have many customers that we successfully maintain and service,  keeping their down time to a minimum and their operating costs at a  minimum.
Does your  forklift smell like it is leaking Propane? You may have a serious  problem with the fuel system. We can test the fuel system to find the  problem before it becomes a safety issue. Just call us :
956 723-4045
We will answer all your needs
Forklift Parts
Does your forklift have balding tires? Or need a new hydraulic pump? At Pena's Forklift Services we provide a vast assortment of forklift parts for you to choose from. Everything from brakes, and tire changes, to water pumps and control valves, we have all the parts your forklift could possibly need.
Forklift Repair
Pena's Forklift Services  technicians have extensive knowledge of all makes of forklifts. Our technicians perform repairs efficiently, accurately and at the most competitive rates. We service 1500 lb to 100,000 lb forklifts including gas LP, gasoline, diesel and electric forklifts.

Forklift Maintenance
Your forklift like every other piece of mechanical equipment needs  regular scheduled maintenance. Strict adherence to a maintenance schedule will ensure your forklift will run smoothly without issue for years to come.

Forklift Rentals
If your business is forecasting a heavy workload or if your current forklift is currently undergoing repairs and service, Pena's Forklift Services provides forklift rentals to help out! We understand how  important your forklift is to your business. If your forklift is currently serviced by us, we promise a quick turnaround.
Our services

  • Forklift Repair
  • Forklift Parts
  • Forklift Maintenance
  • Forklift Rentals
  • Forklift Sales
From tires and brakes, to transmissions and hydraulic hose replacements, we can handle all your forklift repairs. We can even come to YOUR LOCATION for onsite repairs. At Pena's Forklift Services we always puts the customer #1. We also provide forklift rentals for businesses that can’t have any downtime with forklift service.
Honest & Reliable!
Besides forklift parts, we offer maintenance and repairs. Pena's Forklift Services always promises honest and reliable repairs. Our technicians will tell you upfront if your part is repairable or not. Call us today, we provide competitive rates that will help you and your business save money and time. We look forward to helping you.
Maintenance schedules!
At Pena's Forklift Services we are experts on all the forklift manufacturers and their maintenance schedules. Our store carries all the necessary forklift parts if needed. Pena's Forklift Services always promises honest and reliable service. We won’t recommend anything outside of necessity to keep your forklift running at its peak optimum level!
Competitice rates!
Call us today to inquire about our available forklift models for rent. We always promise honest and reliable service backed with competitive rates. Our friendly and professional staff are here to service all your needs. Pena's Forklift Services is conveniently located in Laredo, TX.
Is your current forklift on it’s last legs? If it’s time to purchase a new forklift for your business, stop by and visit Pena's Forklift Services today. We have been the experts on everything about forklifts, sales, repairs, and maintenance for the last 15 years!
Major forklift manufacturers
We believe in honesty and integrity with ALL our customers. And apply this approach in everything we do from sales to repairs. Our company carries forklifts from Toyota, Clark, & Nissan, the major forklift manufacturers. We offer great rates. You will be amazed at the money you can save when you compare us to other dealers!
Get a maintenance plan, save time and money.
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Because if your forklift is down or it needs tires be replaced or if it has leaking oil, we can quickly fix your lift’s issues!

◙ Forklift Repair
◙ Forklift Parts
◙ Forklift Maintenance
◙ Forklift Rentals
◙ Forklift Sales
318 Garden St #2
Laredo, Tx.  78040
Phone: (956) 723-4045
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